Long before metal roofs

Although the manufacturing of seamless metal roofs without visible joints and screws is what we are most known for, the company has actually been operating since 1977.

Vaillancourt was started in Saint-Timothée, after Renald Jean bought the gutter installation company that he worked for when he was just 19 years old. Over the years, Vaillancourt Seamless Roofs and Gutters has become one of the most important companies in its field. In 2003, owner Renald Jean moved his facilities to Rivière-Beaudette, on Highway 20, in order to pursue the expansion of the business.

Passionate about research and development, Mr. Jean and his team are constantly growing their knowledge about the design of seamless metal roofs and gutters. Their tireless work has led to major projects in Quebec, Ontario, Martinique, and the Turquoise Islands, amongst others. Vaillancourt Seamless Roofs and Gutters is a leader in the field of custom production and installation of metal cladding.

Vaillancourt Seamless Roofs and Gutters: a reliable partner for all your construction and renovation projects.


Our mission is quality!

For more than 40 years, Vaillancourt Seamless Roofs and Gutters has been committed to offering sustainable and eco-responsible products of the highest quality, adapted to the needs of its customers.

The on-site factory

Custom-made metal roofs and gutters

At Vaillancourt Seamless Roofs and Gutters, we make metal roofs and gutters to measure. Our experts bring the factory with them to the site.

A factory on the construction site?

Yes, the equipment is transported to the destination. Directly on-site, the pieces are manufactured one at a time before they are installed, not unlike a puzzle. This on-site manufacturing process reduces the risk of breakage during transportation, and reduces handling and packaging requirements.

The on-site factory ensures that materials are in good condition, and that the measured dimensions are accurate. By working this way, the risk of damaging parts is reduced, and quality is ensured.


The many advantages of metal roofs and gutters

There are many advantages when you get Vaillancourt Seamless Metal Roofs and Gutters.

the life of a metal roof is nearly 150 years; that’s about 125 years more than asphalt shingles.  When it comes to gutters, steel is more robust and retains its shape, therefore the product will retain its integrity for many years.

Our metal roofs and gutters are made of Galvalume pre-painted steel, which can be recycled indefinitely, and is approved by the ENERGY STAR program. Steel is one of the most durable and environmentally friendly building materials. Its strength and durability make it an ideal material for long-term sustainable development. Galvalume pre-painted steel meets many categories of LEED Green Building certification criteria.

Vaillancourt Seamless Roofs and Gutters only works with products that are made of steel or copper, materials known for their durability. The absence of seams ensures superior sealing of the parts. Vaillancourt Seamless Roofs and Gutters products are covered by a limited warranty

Metal roofs and gutters are especially pleasing to the eye. We offer a variety of options, such as an assortment of finishes for mouldings, soffits, fascias, leaf mesh, and much more. Because Galvalume steel and copper is both strong and attractive, it increases property resale value.

We custom-make purlins, gutters, mouldings, curves, soffits and fascias. Metal coating comes in many shapes and colours. We manufacture roofs and gutters on-site. The on-site factory reduces the risks of defects caused by handling, transportation, or packaging. We are very proud of the personalized service that we offer.

Because of its energy efficiency, Galvalume pre-painted steel coating reduces electricity costs. It keeps out the heat in the summertime and the cold in winter. The durability and reliability of steel, combined with our expert installation process, limits maintenance and replacement for a very long time.

Even when exposed to sparks carried by the wind, Galvalume steel is non-combustible. Because of its fire resistance, steel does not burn, cannot be a source of ignition, and does not feed the flames that allow fire to spread