Metal Roof Accessories

The metal roof has many accessories, such as mouldings, roof spurs, soffits, and fascias. At Vaillancourt Seamless Roofs and Gutters, we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers, no detail is too small.


mouldings add a refined custom finish to any project. They are available in pre-painted steel or copper, and are custom-made.
  • starter moulding, corner moulding, side moulding
  • roof wall moulding
  • valley, flashing moulding
  • slope change moulding
  • low wall moulding
  • drip moulding
  • attic ventilation moulding

Consult the technical sheet for more info

Soffits and fascias

our soffits, which ventilate the space under the roof, are designed to match the fascia. The design is created with several factors in mind, such as the slope of the roof, and the surface of insulated ceiling. We make sure that it’s a perfect fit!


decorative element imported from Europe added to the gable(s).​


the ridge is the final touch to a roof. Vaillancourt Seamless Roofs and Gutters offer different seamless finishes for the ridge, depending on the desired appearance, and ventilation requirements

Standard flat ridge ridge: for a clean and refined appearance

Steep ridge: for a more traditional appearance

Ventilated ridge: when attic ventilation is required